Since 1990, the De Vita family has been carrying out a discourse on the support and protection of the environment, operating in the sector of recovery and recycling. The current Director is Giovanna De Vita, who works diligently with a specific message: respecting the environment and helping the world fight for ecology, proper recycling and fair recovery so that it becomes a way of life to live better. With this aim, the company has expanded its network of international and global circuits to establish relations with foreign markets in order to facilitate its recycling and recovery business, primarily for paper but also for other materials such as plastic, wood and scrap metal. Gal Trade was created, grows and works in full compliance with current legislation on environmental safety. In line with the mission and values that the company supports, our work is driven by the desire to offer our country options in response to the increasing needs and present challenges set by the management of primary resources. We are here to present solutions to the currently failing management policies of the prime resources whilst addressing the issues for the collection of the recovered materials. From this initial desire our structure has been developed to carry forward such values, with the aim to share them with the whole world. In a simple, natural, and spontaneous way. But very much aware.