Gal Trade has been working for years in the recycling sector, guaranteeing high quality services, evidenced by the various certifications that the company holds: its services are based on the marketing of all types of paper, coming from all over the world. Thanks to its decades of experience, the company is proud of its qualified staff with the most up-to-date knowledge, thanks to which it has extended its market abroad and therefore operates on a large scale. The Gal Trade Company guarantees the most effective and modern waste management system, from storage to recovery and disposal of waste; specifically, the company deals with the management and recycling of paper and pulp, but also of materials such as plastic, wood and scrap metal. The work of Gal Trade includes all the services that revolve around the world of recycling, from the recovery of materials, to trade and consultancy:
- Storage, recovery and disposal
- Trade in Ecological Products and Environmental Support
- Environmental Consulting and Intermediation
- Marketing of finished products
- Marketing and Exchanges

Storage, recovery and disposal

The company provides its customers with a storage and recovery service for the material to be disposed of, with collection and transport.

Trade in Ecological Products and Environmental Support

Rolls, Plastics and Scrap metal, collected from previous users through recovery processes.

Environmental Consulting and Intermediation

Operating worldwide, the Company also provides international intermediation services, identifying the suitable disposal site for each producer and assisting him during the journey; assistance and advice in administrative procedures and practices of disposal and recycling.

Marketing of finished products

The company also offers the possibility of purchasing raw materials produced from scratch to be put on the market to create new products, complying with all environmental laws.

Marketing and Exchanges

The company is able to offer purchase and sale services with the same company, giving the customer the possibility of being both a customer and a seller through a fair trading system, according to the law.